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Welcome to my website!

Three types of photo`s
Normally I shoot three very different types of photographs. The first you would recognise as, well, a photograph! The second tend to look more bright and vibrant, and more like a painting. These are known as HDR images. If you like this style you should search the website for something like `Brixham HDR`, or `Dartmouth HDR`, these special photos should appear! Finally there are photos which are more like those that you would find in a magazine with rich colours, these are called DV images. If you want these search for something like "Lake District DV". In summary if you search for eg "Cornwall" you should find photos listed as either "HDR" and "DV" as well normal photos.

Purchasing photo`s
If you would like to buy any of the images contained in this website you will see that in most cases they can be purchased as prints but also on canvas or with frames, or in numerous different guises such as mugs, cushions, fridge magnets, cutting boards etc. The printing/delivery is arranged by high quality photographic labs such as Photobox and One Vision.

Can`t see a photo of a particular location?
This website contains thousands of photographs and only a fraction can be accessed instantly via the menu. If you can`t find a particular location try a search and something may well appear!

Future plans
I have always enjoyed photography and like nothing more than to jump in my VWT4 and travel around Great Britain taking photos of this beautiful island. No trip would be complete without taking my guitar and mandolin and when the light goes, the music starts!

I have an ambitious travel list for next year including Scotland, Ireland and France and my website will be regularly updated.

I hope that you enjoy, and perhaps buy, my photos.

Thanks for your support.

Best wishes